Florida Man Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Electricity For Cannabis Grow House

Growing marijuana is a relatively labor- and resource-intensive project. That’s especially true of indoor growing efforts.

Along with the physical space needed to cultivate cannabis plants indoors, growers also need a lot of water and nutrients to keep the plants healthy.

Similarly, growers also use large amounts of electricity. Typically, they need power to run all the lights needed to encourage growth and flowering, and to maintain ventilation systems.

Many times, the process of using up all these resources—especially if it involves pulling power off of the public grid—raises red flags that can quickly put growers on law enforcement’s radar.

That’s exactly what happened with a 63-year-old illegal cannabis grower in Holiday, Florida. Law enforcement officers claimed the man was growing marijuana plants in a home and was illegally re-routing electricity to the site.

Arrested for Stealing Power, Growing Weed

As per local news source WTSP, Pasco County Deputies arrested a man identified as Pedro Julio Ruiz on August 30.

Initially, power company Duke Energy alerted cops to a property that saw a huge spike in energy usage. In fact, Duke Energy reportedly said that a power diversion was being used to send tons of power to the property.


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