Florida Lawmakers Considering Limit on THC in Smokable Medical Marijuana

On March 21, smokable medical cannabis products finally became available in Florida dispensaries. But already, House lawmakers are proposing legislation to limit THC levels in those products. It’s a move that critics say undermines the recent repeal of the ban on smokable medical marijuana. THC limits, they argue, will simply force medical cannabis patients to purchase and smoke more cannabis.

Florida House Committee Chair Proposes 10 Percent THC Cap for Flower

On Wednesday, the Florida House will take up discussion of a bill  proposed by Health & Human Services Chair Ray Rodrigues that would limit THC levels in both smokable and ingestible medical cannabis products. The bill would also erect barriers for sick children, making it more difficult for minors to obtain full-strength medical cannabis products. Another provision would give the Florida Dept. of Health authority to fast-track any new rules addressing the state’s medical marijuana program.

The specific caps would limit THC in smokable products to a level far below the industry standard for flower. A 10 percent THC cap would likely require cultivators to breed new, less potent strains. The proposed limits for edibles would be higher. A 35-day supply of medical cannabis edibles, for example, would have

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