Ferreira: Vape rule fix needed to improve public health – Pamplin Media Group

View Comments ‘Economists conclude FDA regulations will prevent smokers from switching to safer alternatives.’

America’s 36 million smokers will tell you, quitting isn’t easy. In recognition of this, a growing group of public health professionals have urged the development of safer, smoke-free alternatives that provide nicotine without the deadly smoke and tar created when traditional cigarettes are combusted. Electronic cigarettes, known as vapor products, are now among the most effective and widely used tools in America to help smokers quit.

My family smoked, I smoked, my wife smoked and my father smoked until the day he had a heart attack. While we were visiting him in the hospital, he was puffing on a little white stick — a cig-a-lite given from his doctor to help curb his craving for nicotine in a safer way. Both my wife and I had been receiving pressure from our children to quit, so we tried the rudimentary vapor device and never looked back.

We quickly noticed marked differences in our lung capacity and even regained our sense of taste.

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