Fed Up With E-Cigarette and Cannabis Use, High School Administrators Look to Vapor Detectors – MERRY JANE

Photo via TBEC Review

Teenage rebels looking to dull the edge, show off to their peers, or get high at school could run into increased scrutiny on campus. American school administrators, teachers, and parents are seeking out new detection tools, increased awareness, and more severe punishments for what they say is a huge problem with nicotine and cannabis vaporizers.

According to a pair of reports from the Chicago Tribune this week, high school administrators in Illinois have proposed installing vapor detectors in bathrooms, increasing penalties, and creating new education tools to combat student vaping — bemoaning difficulties in recognizing the discreet smoking tools as well as distinguishing between nicotine and cannabis use.

In Naperville, Illinois, school administrators specifically named nicotine vaporizer brand Juul, which is made up of a USB stick-sized battery and replaceable nicotine pods. That modular, ready-to-vape design is seen across America’s cannabis products, with a number of THC vaporizer cartridges indistinguishable from their e-cig counterparts.

Vaporizers containing nicotine, cannabis or other liquids are already banned at high schools across the country, but according to administrators, quickly dissipating vapor

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