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 In 2014, about one in four teens nationwide reported smoking an e-cigarette, which are lauded y the vaping industry as a safer alternative to cigarettes. But the Food ad Drug Administration is looking at potentially limiting or banning of these e-cigarette flavors.

  For example, something called Cutwood that has hints of Golden Honey Graham cereal, roasted nut clusters creamy milk and sliced bananas.

Technically these are called “electronic nicotine delivery devices,” but you might call them e-cigarettes, vape pens or hookah pens. They’re devices that let people inhale nicotine, but without the usual tar associated with traditional cigarettes. Marty Wade works at retailer Up N’ Smoke. 

“In most places you’ll go into, they’ll have these flavor menus, they’ll have these funny little names for them and below it’ll show what flavor it actually is.” 
There’s astro – a ‘natural artificial strawberry apple blend.’ The previously mentioned “Cutwood,” 

Which is definitely cereal-esque. Then there are the more traditional tobacco flavors. 

But the availability of all of these flavored e-cigs could be changing.

They’re regulated by the

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