Farewell Hashman: Frenchy Cannoli (1956-2021)

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Master of the Art of Hashish has passed away.

Frenchy Cannoli has died this July 18th, at the age of 64. Frenchy was a professor and a true Hashishin. He was known for comparing his hash making process to that of wine production, putting emphasis on the quality of products he received from the farmers, the terroir where the product came from and the aging process he applied to his hash. 

“The power of what we do in this industry is big deal. We are that last stage where you receive something, and all this is given to you by the farmer but once it is dry and I press it, and I age it, it becomes something else. I don’t only collect grapes and cause them to drink grape juice. I let that grape juice ferment, to make wine, and I make that wine age to make great wine. It is quite different. It is not a process of fermentation, but when you press resin there is a heavy duty, chemical reaction happening into it and he transformation through years,” he said on his documentary by filmmaker Jake Remington.

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