Facebook Sucks At Regulating Tobacco Ads, Unrelated: Teens Like To Vape – Forbes


Teens vaping. Probably.

In an article posted on The Outline titled “No wonder the teens are vaping”, author Jon Christian makes numerous solid points about Facebook’s inability to correctly police and maintain its own tobacco advertising rules in accordance with its policies. This comes from a report that found tobacco and tobacco-adjacent product ads were inadvertently being served to the younger demographics, while according to Facebook’s commerce policies, shouldn’t be. Yet, this most likely has very little to do with teens and vaping.

There’s no question about the validity of the report that the Outline piece references. Facebook is not doing a solid enough job of keeping to its tobacco policies and age-gating those advertisements. While hookah tobacco and cigars and online tobacco stores obviously offer tobacco products, the vaping industry is something different altogether.

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Vapes don’t necessarily require nicotine use and while many pearl clutching adults believe vapes are some sort of gateway drug to cigarettes, most teens would scoff at

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