E-Cig Companies Are Giving Out College Scholarships for Essays on Vaping – VICE

The vaping industry has been catching flak lately for marketing some of its nicotine products like candy, with federal agencies like the CDC and the FDA calling Big Vape out for trying to court teens just like Big Tobacco did before it. Meanwhile, vape use among high schoolers has snowballed into an epidemic, and educators are scrambling to find ways to keep their students from puffing on e-cigs without much luck.

Now it looks like e-cig companies are only getting more creative with their marketing strategies: According to the Associated Press, they’ve started offering college scholarships in exchange for essays about the dangers of smoking tobacco, and the benefits of ripping e-cigs instead.

“This is almost a backdoor way to get your name on a university website, and from the point of view of the student, it would look like the university is supporting this effort,” Ron Berman, assistant marketing professor at the University of Pennsylvania, told AP.

Google “vaping scholarships,” and you’ll find dozens of web pages from vape companies, blogs, and vendors hosting the essay contests, with grants

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