Dispensary Bars Trans Man From Using Men's Room To Allegedly Stop Him From 'Looking At Men's Parts' – Comic Sands

A trans man who was recently denied access to the men’s bathroom in a California cannabis dispensary managed to capture the incident on video and post it to TikTok, where it went viral and provoked widespread outrage among viewers.

The TikToker, who goes by Dev on the social media platform, used an on-screen caption to explain how he was even forced to prove his gender by showing his ID to the dispensary’s clerk just moments before filming.

According to Dev’s caption, that wasn’t good enough for the clerk.

“Started filming right after I showed my ID with male gender marker, and she says it still doesn’t matter..”

In the video itself, Dev asked the clerk to repeat what she had said before he filmed. But of course, she did not repeat that on camera.

The clip did, however, capture the argument between Dev and the clerk. She accused Dev of being “aggressive toward a woman” and suggested he “try to get over whatever is bothering [him].”

Dev’s answer to that question was simple:

“The way you’re treating me is what’s bothering me.” @devroyal100

Kicked out & banned from @fourtwentybank in Palm Springs CA for trying to use the mens bathroom as

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