Diagnosing and Dealing with Overwatered Marijuana Plants

When getting started with cannabis cultivation, it can be difficult to balance hydration. In fact, even the most experienced home growers occasionally struggle to get things right. Of all the cannabis cultivation challenges you’re likely to encounter, none are more common than overwatering.

It’s exactly the same with most house-plants in general. You know they need water, just as you know letting them get too thirsty is a recipe for disaster. With all the best intentions, you unknowingly give them a way more than they can handle. And as a result, you choke the life out of them…literally!

On the plus side, occasionally taking things too far with the hydration won’t necessarily wreck your plants. It won’t do them any good, but might not destroy them outright. Nevertheless, it’s down to you to identify the signs and symptoms of overwatering at the earliest possible stage. Do so and there’s a good chance you can reverse the damage, before it becomes irreparable.

Spotting the Signs and Symptoms of Overwatering

First-time home growers often assume that accurately identifying the cannabis plant problems is a challenge. In some instances, certain diseases and pest infestations can indeed be tricky to spot in their

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