Democratic lawmakers head to Illinois dispensary to make a new pitch for legalized marijuana in Wisconsin – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MADISON – Wisconsin Democrats are pushing again to legalize marijuana, this time making their case just over the border at an Illinois dispensary that attracts customers from the Badger State. 

Sen. Melissa Agard, a Democrat from Madison, is proposing for the fifth time to allow Wisconsin residents age 21 and older to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and six plants. The bill also would create a medical marijuana registry and includes a path for medical users to buy marijuana without paying retail taxes.

“We’re not introducing a new vice into the state of Wisconsin. What we’re trying to do with this legislation is making a safer, more regulated industry,” Agard said in an interview. 

The proposals have been blocked repeatedly by Republicans including in the latest state budget-writing process

It’s time to listen to the public, lawmakers say

Although marijuana isn’t legal in Wisconsin, that doesn’t mean there isn’t demand for cannabis. Some Wisconsinites travel over state borders to visit dispensaries, including one in South Beloit that Agard visited Tuesday to announce the legislation. 

“People can, as I am right now, drive for 45 minutes from Madison across the border and legally purchase, walk into a dispensary and have access to cannabis. Those are hard-earned tax

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