Cop the Jungle Boys Drop at High Times

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my distinct pleasure to let you all know about some new heat that has just become available to the cannabis-consuming citizens of California. Having just dropped from the gods over at Jungle Boys, and for the first time ever available across the High Times Market & Delivery ecosystem, here’s all the info on the first hype drop from High Times.

Let’s Take A Step Back & Note the History

When I first arrived in California, back in 2014, the cannabis landscape was far different than it is today. Back then, in the caregiver days before Prop. 64 passed, there were only a handful of true brands in the market. Sure, there were a lot of cultivators growing some great weed, and many even selling it successfully, but this was still before everyone in the industry was focused on standing out with a logo or an attractive Mylar. In those days there were only a few real-deal players, and much of the industry hadn’t even begun to think about how they wanted to actually present themselves to the world⁠—they just knew that they had weed and consumers wanted it.

Although the space was still maturing, by this point there

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