City, schools take aim at vaping – Ozaukee Press

For decades, schools have fought to steer teenagers away from drinking, smoking and using drugs.

Now they are fighting a new threat to the health of their students — vaping.

“We’ve seen firsthand, and certainly heard about it at other schools, a definite trend in vaping over the last year,” Port Washington High School Principal Eric Burke said. “From talking to my kids and other students, it’s not happening as much in the classroom as it is in bathrooms at school.”

Vaping, also referred to by other names such as Juuling, is the inhaling of an aerosol, which is often laced with nicotine, produced by electronic cigarettes or similar devices.

Marketed as being safer than cigarettes, e-cigarettes consist of a mouthpiece, battery, cartridge for e-liquid or e-juice and a heating element that turns the liquid into an aerosol.

And with e-liquids that comes in thousands of flavors, many of them sweet like candy or fruity, vaping appeals to young people in a way the cigarettes do not.

That, Port Washington City Attorney Eric  Eberhardt said, is no mistake.

“They (e-cigarettes)

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