Cigarettes may be snuffed out, but vaping's not – The Martha's … – Martha's Vineyard Times

Bob Collett of the Cape Cod Regional Tobacco Control Program talks about the vaping trend. – Brittany Bowker

Bob Collett from the Cape Cod Regional Tobacco Control Program had some good news and bad news for high school parents at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MVRHS). “Cigarettes aren’t a problem anymore,” Mr. Collett said to a group of about 30 people gathered in the library Wednesday evening. “But these,” he said, holding up a small, sleek, pen-like product, “aren’t these cool?”

Vape pens and e-cigarettes are the latest trend among teens across the nation. The e-cigarette brand Juul is especially popular. It has a smooth and discreet design, and looks like a thumb drive you’d plug into your computer.

Because they’re so easy to conceal, students are using them in classrooms and in bathrooms. When inhaled, most e-cigs leave barely a trace, barely a scent, and the small cloud of vapor disappears in seconds.

“My daughter is really bothered by it,” a mother of a freshman at MVRHS told The Times. “She’s in AP classes, and kids are doing it

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