Captain Hooter’s Connoisseur’s Guide to Amsterdam Coffee Shops (Top 20 of 2020)

CANNABIS CULTURE –  When I look back on 2020, the first thing that will pop in my head is the line from the old Scottish Proverb. “The best laid plans…”

Who would have guessed how much the world would change and how much the famous Amsterdam coffeeshop experience would be impacted by the Covid pandemic. The coffeeshops have been set up for “Take away” only since 

It still looked like,2020  was going to be awesome in January. I had just arrived back in Amsterdam after spending the previous 2 months in California and Las Vegas, sampling some of the PREMIUM Cali buds from my home state and the best of the best in Las Vegas. You can see my reviews of what I found at Needless to say, after hitting all the PREMIUM BUDS at home, my standards were super high when I started my work on the follow up to my book “The Connoisseurs Guide to Amsterdam Coffeeshops” that was published in 2018, by Sunbury Press –

The new project would be called “The Top 20 for 2020” and would maintain the exact specific high standards, that its predecessor had set. 

In the first book, I became

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