CannaRoyalty Announces its Fourth Quarter 2017 Financial Results … – Markets Insider

Continue to drive growth of the CR Brands product portfolio and expand points of distribution

At this relatively early stage in the growth of our in-house brand portfolio, we are focused primarily on driving distribution reach, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. Our efforts on the brand-building side are beginning to bear fruit and in February 2018 we won six industry awards for our work on Soul Sugar Kitchen. We are also dramatically scaling our distribution and logistics network across California, through our recent acquisition of Alta Supply Inc. (“Alta Supply”) and agreement to merge with River Distribution (“RVR”). 

Make judicious acquisitions of promising products or leading brands

In March 2018 we consolidated the California manufacturing and distribution rights to global award-winning Bhang® brand vaporizer and Bhang® edibles products under Kaya Management Inc. (“Kaya”), which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of CannaRoyalty. Bhang® products are some of the most awarded cannabis products, globally. Combined, Kaya and the former manufacturer of Bhang® edibles produced approximately US$8.0 million in revenue in 2017.

Increase commercial production and gradually drive efficiencies

In Q1 2018,

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