Cannabis Product Review – Jack's Grape CO2 Vape Pen Cartridge By Natural Roots – Weed News (blog)

I am always excited when a knowledgeable friend asks me if I have tried a particular cannabis strain, and I have never heard of it. Jack’s Grape is one of those strains. I have heard of many ‘Jack’ strains from ‘Super Jack’ to ‘Jack the Ripper’ but I have never heard of Jack’s Grape.

When my friend told me that he had Jack’s Grape in a vape cartridge to give me, I was skeptical because so many vape pen companies are putting out subpar products. I have purchased so many vape pen cartridges that either tasted terrible, or didn’t work, or had oil in it that was a consistency that made it vape too fast or too slow.

It got to the point where I basically gave up on vape pen cartridges. I absolutely loved the convenience when I got my hands on a good one, but it seemed like such a crapshoot that even if the vape cartridge worked well at first, it stopped working shortly after its first use. Or the oil started off with a good consistency but

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