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Jackpot, Nevada is almost on the very northeastern corner of the state, some 70 miles north of Wells. As the name implies, casinos have traditionally sustained the economy of Jackpot, and the business closures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic sent the town of nearly 2,000 residents into a steep economic nose dive. 

Members of the Jackpot Town Advisory Board looked for ways to diversify the local economy and decided a cannabis dispensary would be a viable addition to the town’s mix of businesses. 

While cannabis is legal in Nevada for both medical and adult use purposes, there has been a ban on cannabis businesses in Elko County since 2014. Jackpot is the county’s largest unincorporated community where, according to the latest U.S. Census data, the median household income is $26,139, and 21.1 percent of the local population lives below the federally established poverty line.

State law enables cities to decide to allow cannabis businesses or not, regardless of the county laws in which the incorporated municipality resides. Within vast Elko County, the incorporated cities of Wells, Carlin and West Wendover have passed ordinances to allow cannabis businesses, and in December of 2019, a

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