Cannabis Delivery To Ireland Is Here To Stay

In a huge move for the very conservative country, Ireland is now allowing prescribed cannabis to be delivered within the nation’s borders, so that legal patients no longer need to travel to the Netherlands or other legal, European countries just to get the medicine they need. 

This is thanks to a new ruling from Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly, who was allowing a temporary delivery service due to COVID, to minimize the amount of international travel being done and make sure patients still had access to their medicine. However, this service to help licensed, medical professionals legally get cannabis for patients has been so popular that it is now here to stay. 

The delivery service, originating in the Netherlands, where medical cannabis is cultivated and legally sold, has been going on since April of this year. Before this was put in place, patients were making the trek across the border to the Netherlands to get cannabis. This is a costly and stressful trip, especially for those who are sick or have sick children. It’s also a legal gray area, despite cannabis being legal in the Netherlands and legal for certain medical purposes in Ireland, as patients were regularly bringing cannabis

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