Cancer Awareness and Prevention: It's horse sense, don't vape – Ukiah Daily Journal

The good news is, California has made 30 years of progress in reducing cigarette smoking among both youth and adults and now boasts the second-lowest smoking prevalence rate, right behind Utah. The bad news is that a new threat to our lungs and health is already here and addicting the next generation: e-cigarettes.

“Vaping” is the word to describe inhaling aerosolized nicotine vapor and other chemicals into the lungs through the use of an “e-cig,” or electronic cigarette. The energy source is a rechargeable battery rather than a match and e-cig devices are designed to look like a ballpoint pen or computer flash drive.

A new device on the market that is being aggressively marketed not only looks like a computer thumb drive, but recharges in a computer’s USB port.

By eliminating the ashy mess of old-fashioned cigarettes and promoting the misleading notion that vaping is less harmful than smoking, e-cig companies are making strides in addicting both youth and adults and taking the profit to the bank.

Vaping among our Mendocino County youth is prevalent and on the rise,

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