Canadian Woman May Be Permanently Banned from US For Having CBD Oil at Border

She was only going from a CBD-legal country to a CBD-legal state to hang out at her friend’s cabin, but a Canadian woman unknowingly put her lifetime ability to enter the United States in question over a small bottle of CBD oil she carries around for scoliosis pain.

“I’m still really not sure what’s going to happen,” said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous until her application for re-entry is resolved. “It’s an issue I don’t want to follow me around my whole life.”

But it very well might. Last weekend she was passing through border inspection in Blaine, Washington, when she was pulled over and asked by an officer if she was carrying any “leafy greens.”

“I said no because, to me, ‘leafy greens’ is like marijuana, the actual bud, things that you smoke, recreational drugs,” she told a reporter from CBC News. “I use CBD daily and it’s not psychoactive, it can’t get me high at the dosage that I’ve been told to take it at.”

Now she must fill out a $600 application for re-entry — which she may have to re-submit every few years in perpetuity — that includes a criminal background check, letters of

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