California’s Premier Cannabis Festival Concludes 2018 With A Promise For 2019

Emerald green

There’s an area at the top of California where the trees are so big you can drive through them. It’s lush with bracken fern-filled forests of red alder, coast redwood, and Douglas fir trees. And if you look close enough you’ll sometimes see a rogue marijuana plant someone has conveniently contributed to this magic “Emerald Triangle.”

This Triangle, made up of California’s Trinity, Humboldt, and Mendocino counties, has long been famous for prolifically producing some of the finest cannabis in the world. In the southern part of this region, where the temperature is warmer, and it’s not uncommon to see cannabis plants thriving in fields where grape vines could grow. The Mediterranean style climate of hot, dry summers and cold fall nights make for an ideal growing environment.

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