California Overturns Regulation Allowing for Cannabis Billboards

California just overturned a state ruling that allowed for cannabis billboard advertising along state and interstate highways. While cannabis billboards are still allowed, they are prohibited on any highway that crosses state borders, a new restriction for the industry. 

The new regulation, which comes from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, overturns the previous ruling, which claimed that billboards were allowed unless they were within a 15-mile radius of the border. Obviously, not being allowed on any highways that leave or enter the state is a lot more restrictive than just keeping them away from the border, so this is a blow for cannabis advertising in California

“To comply with the law and regulations, licensees may not place new advertising or marketing on any interstate highway or state highway that crosses the California border,” the official notice explains. “Licensees should also begin the process of removing current advertising and marketing that meets this criteria.”  This can also be found in Business and Professions Code section 26152(d). 

Advertising Cannabis

Back when Proposition 64 first passed in California, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control was given the power to regulate the new industry, and the matter of cannabis billboards has pretty much

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