California Hasn’t Seen An Increase In Young Adult Cannabis Use Since Legalization

Adult-use cannabis in California has brought quite a few changes to the state, including easier access to needed medicine and a thriving cannabis tourism scene. However, there has been no marked increase in young adult cannabis use since the start of legalization. 

The recently published study, which was published in the Addictive Behavior journal and conducted by the University of California at San Diego, looked at cannabis use within a group of 563 young adults, all ages 18 to 24. All the adults resided in California in the years just prior to cannabis legalization, and the trends were monitored based on their activity throughout the study. 
Initially, the study was conducted because of concern over cannabis use in teens and young adults. In their abstract, the researchers wrote that teen use is a concern because of the chronic health risks associated with using cannabis, as well as worry over an increase in using tobacco and nicotine products due to legalization. 

They took this on because no other studies had looked at this connection before theirs, and to see if cannabis use frequency would increase with recreational sales. They also assumed that more cannabis legalization would lead to more consumption of cannabis

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