Brock Pierce: The Revolutionary Going for the White House

*Disclaimer: This piece should not be considered an endorsement of any of the mentioned candidates by the author or by High Times. While we believe Brock Pierce has interesting policies, and has ideas that both major party candidates should consider, we’re not ignorant to the Democratic process and the importance of this election, and therefore can not endorse a third party candidate at this time. However, we encourage our readers to educate themselves on the benefits of voting third party in the future, and how dismantling the two-party system could solve many of the issues we face today.*

You’ve heard a lot about Donald Trump and Joe Biden these past few months, but there’s another lesser-known candidate running this cycle with some big ideas that might be of interest to our readers. A major departure from the typical major party candidates, allow us to introduce you to Brock Pierce

Aiming to be something like the Psychedelic J.F.K. of the Independence Party, the former child-star gone media-mogul turned tech entrepreneur, innovator & VC has lived many lives, and while he’s survived torment and accusations, one thing is clear: this guy can take a punch, and come back swinging.

After several successful

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