British-era dispensary in Attock in dire need of repair –

TAXILA: A health unit established during the British era to cater to the medical need of patients from over 20 villages in Makhad Sharif in Pindigheb, Attock, is in dire need of maintenance.

The Government Rural Dispensary, which spreads over 17 kanals and 11 marlas with a covered area of 1.14 kanals, is providing medical facilities to inhabitants of the area despite its depilated condition as one doctor and a dispenser are performing duties with a sufficient stock of medicines.

As the building is in the ruins, patients are treated in the residence of the medical officer under arrangements made by the staff.

Male and female patients form Nilhad, Dhoke Bhangi Khel, Sukhwan, Dhoke Rehmat, Lunda, Bandiwan, Dhoke Haji Ramzan, Bhatha, Chhoi, Naka Khurd, Naka Afghan and Dhoke Sherin came here for medical treatment. Besides, people from KP who live in areas near Makhad Sharif which include Shakardara, Rehmanabad, Chishmi and Jamal Mela also visit the dispensary to avail of the healthcare facilities.

The health unit is also facing paucity of medical equipment, examination beds, chairs, tables and benches for patients as well as staff.

Iqbal Khattak, a historian of the area, said as per the Attock district gazetteer,

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