Barcelona Cannabis Clubs Dealt Fresh Blow by Spanish Supreme Court

Barcelona is still fighting to try and keep their legacy cannabis clubs open, despite a recent blow from the Supreme court. 

The battle over recreational cannabis is entering a new phase in Spain right now. Last week, the Supreme Court closed the loophole in federal law created by municipal officials in Barcelona, which allows the cannabis clubs a legal space in which to operate.

Namely, the judges ruled that city officials, who have supported the clubs so far, are not competent to legislate on such matters. Since most cannabis clubs in Spain are in Barcelona, this decision is a gauntlet thrown, and from a high level, on the entire discussion.

If this happened in the United States, it would essentially be like the city of Denver facing down the federal government on, say, selling cannabis without the protection of a state vote to change the constitution and a Cole memo, albeit with a few less SWAT teams. 

The fact is that Catalonia, the Spanish state in which Barcelona is located, has a longstanding separatist tendency, which is why the city has long given a pass to the existence of the clubs.

But it is not just city officials who have come out in support of

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