Ask Amy: I found a vape in my daughter's purse – Marin Independent Journal

Dear Amy: I am the proud mom of two great kids, 23 and 19. My 19-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a learning difference as a young girl. She has since overcome most of her issues through hard work and determination, though she still needs accommodations. She has gotten in to four colleges so far — she is a wonderful, sweet and engaged girl with whom I’ve always had a special bond.

Recently while I was looking for change, I found a vape and a vaping liquid in her purse. I feel awful! I’m afraid to confront her, as it will look like I was snooping AND that I don’t trust her.

If my husband finds out he will completely flip out.

Amy, she’s 19, and a really good kid. What should I do?

— Worried Mom in California

Dear Worried: Didn’t you do anything unwise or unhealthy at her age? (I did, and still do.) Unless you can manage to discuss this calmly, reasonably and without freaking out, then what you should do is … nothing.

You seem to imply

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