As vaping increases for college students, health risks don't go up in smoke – The Daily Cardinal

More than twice as many college-aged individuals said they use vapes, the electronic smoking devices, in 2016 than 2015. Many users believed vaping was a safer option than cigarettes, but experts still warn of negative consequences.

Image By: Brandon Moe

Walking around UW-Madison, it may not be as likely as it once was for the metallic scent of cigarettes to waft through the air. Vapes — an electronic, handheld device used to smoke tobacco — and their thinner, multi-scented streams are rising in popularity among college-aged people, including many in Madison.

UW-Madison’s Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention noted that although tobacco companies initially created vaporizing devices to substitute cigarette addiction, the nicotine products have turned the process upside down.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vaping is now a recreational activity that has become increasingly more prominent among teenagers and ultimately college students as a way to obtain a brief buzz, similar to the nicotine “high” that cigarettes offer.

“The difference between vapes and cigarettes is that vaporizers have an assortment of flavors,” Dr. Doug

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