Arkansas Residents May Now Get Temporary Medical Marijuana Licenses in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s medical cannabis program is just seven months old, but the state’s Medical Marijuana Authority has already issued tens of thousands of patient licenses and awarded multiple dispensary licenses. Hoping to grow its medical cannabis industry even more quickly, Oklahoma’s medical cannabis program also lets out-of-state patients obtain a temporary license to buy from Oklahoma dispensaries and possess medical cannabis in the state. The policy caught the attention of medical cannabis patients in neighboring Arkansas, where the state has yet to open any dispensaries in the 26 months since it legalized medical cannabis.

Like patients in any legal medical cannabis state, Arkansas residents may now get temporary medical marijuana licenses in Oklahoma. But until Arkansas actually issues official medical cannabis licenses to patients, they won’t meet Oklahoma’s application requirements. As a result, Arkansas’ medical cannabis patients are outraged and demanding the state government take immediate action.

Tired of Waiting, Arkansas MMJ Patients Hope for Medicine in Oklahoma

Arkansas voters legalized medical cannabis in 2016. More than two years later, there are still no medical cannabis dispensaries operating in Arkansas. The state hasn’t even awarded any dispensary licenses. And according to several reports, it appears that many if not most of

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