Arizona Supreme Court: Cannabis Concentrates Protected Under Medical Marijuana Law

The Arizona Supreme Court just announced a landmark decision related to medical marijuana in the state. Specifically, the court ruled that extracts and concentrates are legal under the terms of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

The decision concludes what has turned into a protracted legal battle that for years put medical marijuana patients in a precarious position when it came to the use of concentrates.

Arizona Supreme Court’s New Ruling

Earlier today, the Supreme Court announced that it had ruled in favor of the medical marijuana community on the question of concentrates. More specifically, the Supreme Court voted 7-0 in favor of patients and state voters.

“We hold that [the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act’s] definition of marijuana includes both its dried-leaf/flower form and extracted resin, including hashish,” the court wrote in its decision.

Importantly, today’s ruling puts an end to the ongoing confusion on the issue of extracts and concentrates. And it does so by explicitly defining medical marijuana as including not only flower, but also cannabis concentrates.

“The court got it right,” said ACLU of Arizona Criminal Justice Staff Attorney Jared Keenan. “This ruling means that qualifying patients will no longer have to fear being prosecuted for using their

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