Anti-Legalization Group in Michigan Warn Voters of Super Potent Cannabis

An anti-legalization group in Michigan is telling voters that today’s cannabis is too potent. Campaign workers with Healthy and Productive Michigan were recently calling voters in Detroit in an effort to get them to oppose Proposal 1, the recreational pot legalization initiative on the ballot next month. Reading from a script provided by the anti-pot political action committee, Wynona Moss of Warren, Michigan contacted voters via her cell phone.

“Did you know that today’s drug is much more potent than in the ‘80s? The THC level in highly potent marijuana edibles is not regulated,” she recited to a voter she reached.

The efforts against Proposal 1 by Healthy and Productive Michigan are being funded by Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), a cannabis opposition group led by anti-pot crusader Kevin Sabet. Luke Niforatos, the SAM chief of staff, said that the effects of cannabis products high in THC are unknown.

“This is limitless potency marijuana,” said Luke Niforatos. “What does it hurt to wait until we get the solid research on high potency THC?”

Despite Niforatos’ claim of unlimited potency, Michigan medical marijuana regulations currently in effect limit cannabis products to 50 milligrams of THC. Similar limits for recreational products would also likely be

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