Amid COVID Pandemic This Ludhiana Village With No Dispensary Is Struggling To Keep Virus At Bay –

India has been struggling to contain the ever-rising second wave of the novel coronavirus and the crumbling health infrastructure has only added to its woes. 

With the second COVID-19 wave hitting the rural belt hard, some parts of the country have voluntarily taken to bizarre remedies like cow urine and cow dung while some other parts are forced to resort to home remedies in the hope to cure the deadly virus.

No medical facility, no dispensary

One such example is a village in Punjab’s Ludhiana that is using home remedies to tackle the disease. People of Ludhiana’s Ladian Kalan complains lack of medical infrastructure in the village amid the raging pandemic, reports ANI. The villagers claim that the area doesn’t even have a single dispensary which has added to their plight to fight COVID-19.


Speaking to the village’s Sarpanch, ANI reported that none of the health authorities have reached the village to inquire about the health situation the on ground. “Nobody from govt came to inquire about our health. We’re taking home remedies to tackle the disease. There’s no dispensary in our village,” says Sarpanch.

Punjab: People of Ludhiana’s Ladian Kalan complains lack of medical infrastructure in

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