Ambulance travelling around mountain selling vape juice and mods –


Graham Peters dreamed of the vape recuse vehicle (VRV) three years ago.

 This ambulance may not be taking you to hospital, but its owner hopes you’ll walk away from it relatively healthier.

The 1987 Bedford ambulance, better known as the Naki Nekta vape rescue vehicle (VRV), used to service Waikato Hospital and now it’s being used to educate smokers around Taranaki on vaping.

Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. It is marketed as an alternative to smoking and there are claims it is a healthier option, which is why Graham Peters set up the VRV.


Kristian Pilgrim drives to communities all around the mountain educating smokers.

“It’s all about the smoking sensation, it’s all about health,” Peters said.

*Ministry of Health throws support behind vaping as a way to quit smoking
*Vapers puffing up on Taranaki’s first Vape Day

Peters owns the Taranaki-based business Naki Nekta, an online store that produces and sells vaping juices as well as other vaping essentials, but

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