All About Kush

CANNABIS CULTURE  – Kush has been popular for a long time and especially across America. Known for its aggressive aroma and long lasting taste, Kush has made its way into the homes of most gardens across the Europe also.

Kush landraces can be found growing wild in the Himalayas. The most popular varieties are found in the Hindu Kush Mountain range which runs along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This strip of mountainous land runs over 500 miles and the climate in this region of the Earth experiences hot days and cold nights. Due to the geographical location, Kush landraces will flower in a short time with a naturally high resistance to cold temperatures.

Cannabinoid levels and terpenes profiles combined can make Kush strains highly therapeutic, making them a go to for medicinal patients seeking relief. Kush strains have a very heavy bodied effect, which can cause couch lock with a narcotic edge. Kush varieties will be indica dominant and will be associated with helping inflammation, aches and pains, insomnia and appetite suppression.

There have been some Kush hybrids recently that are testing between 28% – 33% and whilst setting records for the most potent strains on Earth, the

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