A problem on the rise: The dangers of vaping – Fox 2 Detroit

– It’s just as dangerous as cigarettes in many ways but most kids don’t realize it.

Vaping is on the rise, and it’s not just a concern with tobacco. The problem is catching on and it’s now morphing into a more serious substance.

Lynn Gillow’s own son got caught in the trap. A trap that looks colorful, smells harmless and has led him down a long road of trouble. 

“They don’t believe that the vape oil is harmful,” she said.

Vaping, or juuling, as it’s known by kids, is on the rise.

“Kids as young as middle schoolers are trying to use the vapes.  We found from information in surveys they are doing it because they want to look cool, they want to try something new, they want to fit in. They’re trying these vapes and they contain different flavor juices that are attractive to them,” said  Lisa Berkey with the Greater West Bloomfield Community Coalition .

One gas station in West Bloomfield is selling it but say they won’t until an ID is scanned. But

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