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Believe it or not, one in 4,000 newborns suffer a stroke right before during or after birth. But a stroke in a baby does not have the same lasting impact as those in adults.

Georgetown University researchers studied 12 young people who had a perinatal stroke that damaged the left, language side of the brain. Scans showed all 12 teens and young adults now used the *right* side of their brains for language.

In fact, their speech and language processing was completely normal.

Enticed to vape

A new government study reveals teens are impressionable when it comes to E-cigarettes.

Researchers found 39 percent of those who had tried E-cigarettes did so because a friend or family member vaped. One-third said they were enticed by the flavors like mint, fruit or chocolate. And 17-percent believed E-cigarettes would be safer than other tobacco products.

First visit to a dentist 

Parents who don’t get guidance from a doctor tend to delay their child’s first trip to the dentist.

A University Of Michigan poll shows less than half of parents

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