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Pax 3 Special Edition Designs

Chances are you spent 2017 finding some way to keep your head in the clouds, just for your own personal sanity. Or perhaps you were just surrounded by the calming vape clouds engulfing your reality. Either way, 2017 has seen a good selection of vaporizers cross my review desk. From vapes intended for nicotine, CBD oils, cannabis and concentrates, the vape market continues to expand exponentially. Before we start looking at the next wave of high-tech vaporizers, here are all the vapes reviewed in this space in 2017 as well as some Cyber Monday deals to go along with a few of them.

Davinci IQ

While this was reviewed last year, the Davinci IQ was in pre-order at that point, so it counts as a 2017 vape. This very sleek, modern vape is the perfect representation of the technologically sound cannabis consumption world we live in. While certainly not the most economical vape, the Davinci IQ is the vape you buy if you’ve spent any time

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