11 key findings from one of the most comprehensive reports ever on the health effects of vaping – Business Insider

Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

Millions of Americans vape, but little is known about the comprehensive health effects of e-cigarettes. The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine aimed to address that dearth of knowledge with a new report on e-cigs. In line with the Academies’ previous approach to other drugs, the report pools its findings into categories based on how much evidence there is to draw a conclusion. Two key findings from the report suggest that while vaping may help adults quit smoking conventional cigarettes, the practice may also encourage young people to start.

It’s been almost a decade since the first vape pen hit store shelves. The whiteboard marker-sized devices, which vaporized liquid nicotine rather than burning tobacco and creating tar, were designed as a healthier alternative to cancer-causing conventional cigarettes.

Since then, thousands of models of vape pens have been made available, but a question among public health researchers continued to linger: Do these devices help smokers quit or glorify a potentially unhealthy habit?

The answer, according to a large new report from the National Academies of Sciences,

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