Woman's purse catches fire after 'vape pen explodes' – Gears Of Biz

Sparks were flying at a city council meeting in Nevada after an audience member’s purse caught fire when ‘batteries from her vape pen exploded’.

Video of the incident shows what appears to be a normal meeting in Boulder City on Tuesday evening, until a woman sitting in the back of the room jumped to her feet. 

Flames were seen shooting from her purse as smoke filled the area and she pushed the purse onto the floor. Other audience members turned around in shock.

Video courtesy of KTNV 

Luckily, Boulder City Fire Chief Kevin Nicholson was in the room as part of his usual attendance to the meetings and rushed over to help the woman, according to the city’s Facebook page. 

‘There were flames on the front of her shirt,’ the post read, adding that ‘Nicholson ushered the woman outside’ and everyone was cleared from the room.

According to the council, paramedics arrived shortly after the incident and the ‘woman was treated for minor burns at the scene and released’.

Nicholson said the fire sparked from a

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