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Let me ask you an honest question: Have you ever vaped concentrates before? If this answer is “no”, you are in the right place — and if you said yes, you are still in the right place. Because, hey, there is nothing wrong with a little refresher course. Right?

Vaping concentrates has many benefits including letting you get the most from your high, enjoying more of those brain massaging benefits that your (hopefully) THC-rich golden wax has to offer, and is just overall much more fun in the long run. You have probably seen many people sporting cool, funky vape pens and thought to yourself “What vape is that?” Check out the dab pens over at TheVape.Guide. They have a great “best vape pens” list that will help you get started.

Concentrates: Types

Before we take a step further, if you aren’t already familiar with concentrates, they are a few varieties out there. While they all possess a combination of THC and CBD, each are made with a different process and come in different forms

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