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80% of e-cigarette brands remain independently owned.

Go Smoke Free, an online e-cigarette retailer has investigated the ownership of 73 leading vaping companies to determine how many of these are affiliated with Big Tobacco companies and to what extent. The infographic revealed that the major tobacco companies own subsidiary companies, which in turn own a number of vaping brands. However 80% of e-cigarette brands remain independently owned.

In a communication with The Vaping Post, Go Smoke Free shared the following :

VIP, Vapestick, 10 Motives and Vype: Owned by subsidiary company Nicoventures Holdings, which is in turn owned by British American Tobacco Socialites: Owned by Stada UK Holdings, which is owned by Stada Arzneimittel AG V2Cigs/Vapour2 UK: Owned by VMR Products, which is owned by Huabao International Holdings Blu: Owned by Fontem Ventures, which is owned by Imperial Brands Nicocigs: Owned directly by Philip Morris

Vaping Parents

We found five vaping brands that were directly owned by a tobacco-free parent company: Totally Wicked, The Electronic Cigarette, Vape Emporium, ECig Wizard and TCcigs

Go Smoke Free added that with Imperial Brands

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