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In 2016, the LGBTQ community lost more than 30,000 lives to a health epidemic that is arguably not getting the attention it warrants: smoking. Indeed, LGBT Health Link reported that 33% of the LGBTQ population are smokers – compared to just 20% of the rest of the populace. And the former spends more than $7.9 billion annually on cigarettes.

Doug Teitelbaum had a two-pack-a-day habit when, in 2012, he was introduced to a product called NJOY by his friend, Napster founder and first Facebook President – Sean Parker. The brand was at the forefront of a media frenzy surrounding the rise of e-cigarettes, in which debate raged around possible positive and negative health benefits. It also had Courtney Love as a spokesperson.

After making the switch from regular cigarettes to vaping, Teitelbaum started investigating the science behind the product, and concluded that e-cigarettes had the potential to save millions of smokers’ lives, simply by getting them to make the same switch that he did.

“I made a minority, non-control investment in the company,” he says. “But some mistakes were made

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