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Dear journalists and cannabis content generators,

In previous columns, we’ve discussed how it’s irresponsible/dumb to do “stunt journalism,” like drinking entire bottles of weed lube, and reductive/boring to infuse every possible facet of modern life and cuisine with the phrase “cannabis infused,” but here we are again, critiquing some stupid, inaccurate, click-baity headlines.

First, Gov. Jerry Brown did not say, “Californians Can Smoke and Vape in Parks, on Beaches,” (Cannabist, Oct. 9) or “[OK] Marijuana Use at State Parks, Beaches” (Marijuana Business Daily, Oct. 9). Brown vetoed Senate Bill 386, which would have banned smoking of all kinds in parks and on beaches. Not that anyone’s enforcing it, but smoking pot in public is still illegal, including at your favorite surf spot. Sorry. The more interesting story is that Brown, who’s often portrayed as an overreaching, big government enviro nut, chose to reject the bill, saying it was “too broad” and “there must be some limit to the coercive power of government.” But as our media consumption becomes ever-more curated, some people are only going to get their news from

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