Paradise vape store vandalized for the second time – Action News Now

Paradise, Calif. — A Paradise vape store was vandalized for the second time early Friday morning.

Owner, Danny Sattah, got an alarm call around 4 a.m. and when he got to his business, he found a large rock on the ground and a gaping hole in his store window.

Vape Hut is a business that has been around in Paradise for two years, and the owner said the rock being thrown through his store window Friday morning, was the second time something like this has happened at his business.

“There was a burglary alarm call to my shop and I saw someone broke the window with a rock,” said Sattah. 

The suspects can be seen wandering outside the Vape Hut on surveillance video around 4 a.m. on Friday. 

“That’s the second time to happen to me and both times they were teenagers which sucks,” said Sattah.

In a surveillance video from just a few months ago in May, you can see one of the three suspects approaching the Vape Hut’s door, breaking the glass with a hammer and entering the store.

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