Overwatch Devs On Toxic Players, Making A Real “Blizzard World” And Vaping – GameSpot

Overwatch has had a very busy Blizzcon this year. To help parse through the mountain of announcements (and to get a little more insight into the team’s decisions), I interviewed Overwatch principal designer Scott Mercer and technical artist Hak Lee about the biggest reveals at the show.

We cover the inspiration for the newly announced hero Moira, the possibility of the new map Blizzard World becoming a real place, and which Overwatch character probably vapes. In addition, the devs discuss how they’re approaching both competitive rank changes and player toxicity.

For even more interviews and news from the show, check out our Blizzcon 2017 news roundup. Hearthstone announced its new expansion, World of Warcraft showed off its next cinematic, and Heroes of the Storm is adding a few new heroes.

This transcript has been edited for content and clarity.

How did you you guys keep this a secret? Was that the main goal: “No leaks this year”? Especially after last year when we got so much of the news a little bit early?

Scott Mercer: When you think back

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