Out Of The Fire, Into The Vape Pen – SF Weekly

Kevin Jodrey of Humboldt’s Wonderland Nursery may not have been in the path of the fires that raged across Santa Rosa, but like most, he has a direct connection to someone affected by the unprecedented blaze. He recalls hearing from his niece, who was awakened at

1 a.m. at her home in Coffey Park by officials telling her to run for her life.

“She grabbed the dog and a doll she’s had since she was a child,” Jodrey says. “Her husband grabbed his laptop, and they jumped in the car, turned left, and took off. Her neighbors jumped into their car, too, but went right — they didn’t make it.”

It’s difficult to discuss the Sonoma County fires in terms beyond the loss of life and homes, but as the page turns from containment to surveying the damage, it has become clear that local industries — from tourism to wine to cannabis — have all been severely affected.

Jodrey is more than qualified to speak on that last point: He’s been part of the cannabis industry for 41 years. In

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