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This week we reported that MPs have launched an inquiry into e-cigarettes. The House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee wants to find out what evidence is missing around e-cigs and their health effects. Public Health England estimates that e-cigarettes are far safer than tobacco, but other countries have taken different approaches. BBC News has more.

Cancer patients are less likely to have chemotherapy if diagnosed early, reports the Huffington Post. The new data report shows that patients whose cancer was diagnosed early were more likely to have surgery than chemo or radiotherapy. Our blog post has more.

We covered a small study that found the most aggressive type of ovarian cancer develops from cells that come from the fallopian tubes rather than the ovaries. Until recently it was thought that the disease developed from cells lining the surface of the ovary, but the new work could lead to new ways to prevent and treat it. The Independent also had this story.

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New genetic variants found to increase the risk of breast cancer

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