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Brendan Chase Hingham Journal

In the exactly four minutes between classes, time is a precious commodity. When someone decides to invest that time in a bathroom break, they must do so quite rapidly. Unfortunately, too many times this is interrupted by a long sizzling noise, followed by a puff of vapor. To many students, this is known as normal. But to others, this is known as vaping.

So what really is vaping? In simple terms, vaping is the act of inhaling vapor produced by an e-cigarette or similar device. Most vapes run on “E-juice”, a chemical concoction which is heated via battery before being expelled as vapor. Similar devices can run on marijuana cartridges or other substances. If one is under 18, these devices are illegal to purchase, and they are prohibited on school grounds for all ages. However, this hasn’t stopped many students from experimenting.

All across the nation “Vape Shops” have sprung up to cater to this new trend. While no shops operate in Hingham itself, the many nearby have fed the latest risky trend at Hingham High:

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