JUUL Vaporizers more Addictive than Traditional Electronic Cigarette Brands? – Conspiracy Talk News (press release) (blog)

JUUL somehow became one of the most popular vape devices among millennials surpassing searches for e-cigarette at one point.

When you ask the question why, most of the time the answer is simple. They say the shape. The device is a square shape as opposed to the traditional electronic cigarettes that well, look like a real cigarette. We assume the new generation of smokers want to disguise the fact that they are addicted to some form of nicotine.

            What we think the answer here is on why they make for a popular product is because they hold a lot of nicotine. JUUL used something clever to disguise the fact that each little pod they have contains 50 mg of nicotine. They disguised it by putting 5% on the packaging which means the same thing but to person shopping that doesn’t seem that high. In the ecig world, considering the fact that most vaporizers have a 1.5 mg which is .3% nicotine, 5% is 17 times that amount.

            Now having some knowledge of how electronic cigarettes work. We

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